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Mischief Managed...

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I am a 26 year old, female, engaged, vagabond from the East Midlands, UK. I've lived in England, Italy and North America as well as traversing much of Europe along my way. Australia and Asia are on my list for future adventuring. I’m northern at heart, and a major medical mishap, not to mention clumsy. I get married next year, although you’d never know it to talk to me, and have two furry babies who I love. I’m also an incredibly jolly person. I sing loudly and out of tune as often as possible. I laugh a lot and believe smiling is the key. I finished University in 2008 but masochistically went back for a second stint which I just finished. I am currently unemployed and volunteer at a local animal shelter and write amidst trying to fix that. I have a wide range of hobbies and interests up to and including, but not limited to kicking ass on drums, obsessing over TV shows, and the occasional computer game. For a better idea please see my ‘Interests’ section.